SoftStartRV Solar Kit

SoftStartUSA, Teaming With Electrical Expert Mike Sokol and Renogy, Develops a Complete Do-It-Yourself RV Solar Kit

Specially Configured for Trailers, Class C RVs and Sprinter Vans


FT. LAUDERDALE, FL – As RV solar power kits become more popular, and manufacturers offer more and more options, RVers have also become more confused about how to choose the right system for their rigs.

To help simplify things, SoftStartUSA teamed up with Mike Sokol, a 25+year RV electrical expert known as Mr. RV Electricity, to develop a one-of-a-kind RV solar panel system with inverter, batteries, and everything else needed for a complete solar energy installation.

According to Mike Sokol, the new SoftStart RV Solar Kit delivers the power load that typical motorhome and travel trailer campers truly need while also delivering other qualities that make this system much better to live and travel with.

“With the latest RV solar components that you can mix and match, and all the different kits that many companies make, a lot of campers and people at rallies have told me how confusing it can be,” said Mike Sokol. “So what we set out to achieve with the SoftStart RV Solar Kit is balance. We took into account quality, practicality, portability, ease of installation, and an affordable, realistic cost,” Sokol continued.

Partnering with a Proven Solar Power Provider

After evaluating several solar power equipment makers, Sokol chose to design the unique SoftStart RV Solar Kit with Renogy® products. Since 2010, Renogy has been making premium-grade solar power systems that feature lasting performance and maximum power conversion efficiency. With Renogy products, Sokol has designed a fast-charging 2400 Wh (watt-hour) RV solar package that provides stable performance as both a campground backup source and primary off-grid power source for boondocking.

The SoftStartRV Solar Power Kit includes two 200-watt solar panels; two 100 amp-hour self-warming lithium batteries; a versatile 3000-watt power inverter/charger; a 30-amp charge controller with outstanding conversion efficiency; all the cables, fuses, connectors and hardware to complete the installation; and easy-to-understand instructions and tech support. Along with all of that, it also includes a bonus item that truly sets it apart from other solar power kits. 

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The Only RV Solar Kit with a “Cool” Bonus

Because RV air conditioner/heat pump units require a startup power spike that exceeds most RV solar power system specs, most RV A/C-heat pumps can’t be powered through standard inverters. However, that isn’t the case with this breakthrough solar kit.

To assure that the SoftStart RV Solar Kit delivers at-home comfort like no other, it includes a SoftStartRV soft starter that connects directly to the rooftop A/C-heat pump unit. This reduces the startup power demand of a typical RV A/C unit by up to 70%. As a result, instead of spending thousands more on a larger solar power kit just to meet the A/C’s high startup demand – or worse, going without cool comfort inside the RV – the SoftStart RV Solar Kit enables the solar-charged system to work flawlessly with the A/C-heat pump no matter where the RV travels.

Runs RV A/C All Night Without Noisy Generator Disruption

Regarding RV cooling power, Sokol explained that “this solar kit can give you approximately one hour of air conditioning per 100 amp-hours of lithium battery capacity. So the stock kit with 200 amp-hours of battery storage will provide around two hours of continuous air conditioning before going to bed, or it will let you run it off and on all night like at home. And an upgrade to 400 amp-hours of battery capacity will give you around four hours of air conditioner time. Plus, you’ll be able to upgrade the solar to beyond 400 watts if you have room on the roof of your RV for the extra panels. Having more solar panels helps recharge the batteries faster,” Sokol continued.

Doug Curtis, co-founding partner of SoftStartUSA, said that the SoftStart RV Solar Power Kit further reinforces the company’s commitment to helping those who enjoy the mobile lifestyle to maintain a comfortable environment no matter where they go.

“We’re delighted to collaborate with Mike Sokol to provide the first-of-its-kind solar kit that enables the A/C to start and run off solar power. Our hope is to help RVers manage their power solutions through the innovative technology of solar power,” said Curtis.

Johnny Marino, East Coast Sales Manager for Renogy, adds that the association with SoftStartUSA underscores a new dimension of value that solar power brings to RV and camping enthusiasts. “By making RV air conditioners and heat pumps more solar power-friendly, we can truly emphasize even more ways that solar energy can improve the overall mobile lifestyle,” said Marino.

Making Solar Easier to Install

To make installation of the complete SoftStart RV Solar Kit easy, Mike Sokol is also producing a series of online videos to complement the comprehensive instructions produced by Renogy for the solar components. Access to all installation content, including SoftStartRV wiring diagrams for all rooftop A/C models, is available online at the SoftStart RV Solar website.

For complete details, visit The SoftStart RV Solar Kit is a product of SoftStartUSA, an industry leader in RV and home power management products.

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