Discovering a Better RV Life with Solar Power

SoftStartUSA Introduces 2024 Follow The Sun Ambassadors

FT. LAUDERDALE, FL –To show campers how solar power enhances the RV lifestyle, Mike and Shelley Confer of Gahanna, OH, are on the road as SoftStartUSA’s 2024 Follow The Sun ambassadors.

Shelley and Mike Confer of Gahanna, OH, are SoftStartUSA’s Follow The Sun ambassadors for 2024

The Confers were selected by SoftStartUSA as its Follow The Sun ambassadors because of their enthusiastic interest in the new SoftStartRV Solar Kit, a first-of-its-kind, all-in-one system that combines the benefits of a premium RV solar kit with soft-start air conditioning.

According to Doug Curtis, co-founding partner of SoftStartUSA, “selecting the Confers to serve as Follow The Sun ambassadors was very fortunate because of their willingness to explore how our new solar power kit would impact their RV lifestyle, and to share those experiences in-person and online as they make their journey.”

The Confers’ planned trek will show their fifth-wheel Grand Design Reflection traveling from central Ohio to parts of the Northeast US, into Canada and then back to the Ohio valley area by the end of October. Highlights of the trip will include a visit to White Mountain National Forest, New Hampshire in July, and the Hershey RV Show in mid-September, among many other places.

The Confers’ Youtube channel, “Campin with the Confers”, is documenting their travels and experiences with the newly installed SoftStartRV Solar Kit.

The First Complete, DIY-Friendly RV Solar Power Kit

Introduced in May, the SoftStartRV Solar Kit includes everything needed to make a complete installation. Manufactured by Renogy®, a provider of off-grid electrical power solutions, it includes two 200-watt solar panels, two 100 amp-hour self-heating lithium battery packs, a 3000-watt inverter/charger, a 30-amp charge controller, a remote system monitor (with ONE Core mobile app), all fuses, fasteners and other special equipment required for installation, and a SoftStartRV air conditioning soft starter which allows the air conditioner to start and run when using only the solar-energized power source.

Assisting Mike and Shelley Confer with the installation of the solar kit was Mike Sokol, known online as Mr. RV Electricity, and who is an electronic controls advisor with SoftStartUSA. Working with Renogy®, a premium RV solar power component manufacturer, Sokol designed the SoftStartRV Solar Kit to provide a low-cost, complete solution to adding solar power to RVs that also delivers the most capabilities and proven reliability. It is sized to fit a wide range of RV power needs for full-timers, boondockers, weekenders and others who use electric power. With the addition of a SoftStartRV air conditioner soft starter, the system is also optimized to start and run an RV A/C with only a 30-amp controller.

Experienced RVers Testing the Benefits of Solar Power

Upon being selected as 2024 Follow The Sun ambassadors, Shelley Confer was blunt about what they knew about RV solar power kits. “We know nothing about solar,” Confer noted. “But we still wanted to discover ‘what can we do differently’.”

According to Mike Confer, a big appeal of the SoftStartRV Solar Kit is that it will allow them to continue using electricity when the generator option is not available. “If you run out of fuel, then you can’t run a generator. Also, there many places that don’t allow generators or have restricted hours because of the noise and fumes that generators can make. This solar kit is the answer to that problem,” Confer continued.

Even though the Confers’ Follow The Sun journey is in its early stages, the experienced RVers have already been exploring how to incorporate the new solar-energized battery power with standard propane-powered appliances. The solar kit’s Renogy ONE Core monitoring system provides real-time readouts through its mobile app. This allows the Confers to make adjustments in their use of electric appliances immediately if needed. And the 3000-watt inverter has allowed them to turn on more appliances simultaneously than they previously could with lead-acid batteries and a converter.

“Because of unpredictable campground power issues and the desire to enjoy RVing more independently, more RVers are looking for newer, smarter ways to create and store power. With the Confers showcasing this all-in-one SoftStartRV Solar Kit during their cross-country trip, many other RVers can now see firsthand how this complete solar package gives them better options for comfort and power efficiency,” said SoftStartUSA’s Curtis.

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