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  • Two 200-Watt Solar Panels – 400 Watts charges batteries twice as fast as a single solar panel
  • One 3000-Watt Smart Inverter/Charger
  • Two 100 Amp-hour Self-Heating Lithium Battery Power Packs – hold twice the power of a single battery for extended use
  • One Renogy® ONE Core Remote Energy Monitor and Data Analyzer
  • One FREE SoftStartRV™ A/C and Heat Pump Soft Starter
  • All Wires, Connectors, Fasteners, etc. for Complete Installation – No worries about running to the store to pick up something needed for the install. It’s ALL included!
  • 365-Day Money-Back Guarantee
  • Free Shipping in the USA – a $250 Value

The SoftStartRV Solar Kit Powers All The Appliances You Use

  • Power critical devices, even the big stuff like your A/C and refrigerator – even when off-grid.
  • Just connect the system, charge the batteries, and enjoy clean electrical power.
  • Solar panels quietly recharge power storage batteries so you can enjoy more peace.
  • Eliminates nuisances of generators: you don’t have to buy and carry extra fuel; no smelly fumes to disturb your environment.
  • FREE SoftStartRV soft starter lets you run A/C on solar power and batteries – something unheard of with standard solar kits!

SoftStartRV Solar Kit Components

Mike Sokol, Mr. RV Electricity and RV electrical expert for over 25 years, created this SoftStartRV Solar Kit for RVers and campers looking for a practical and affordable system that will meet all their power needs, as well as special requirements for installation and travel.

Renogy 200-Watt 12-Volt Monocrystalline Solar Panels

Each 200W panel produces twice the energy of 100W panels (used in other kits), but in the same amount of space. That means if you install them on the rooftop, each panel will take up only half the space as other 200 Watt 2-panel kits.


  • One standard solar panel with basic package
  • FREE Bonus panel for faster battery recharging
  • Strong, lightweight aluminum frames withstand weather extremes
  • Includes all cables, clamps and connectors

Renogy 100 Amp-Hour Self-Warming Lithium Iron Phosphate Batteries

Our Renogy 100-amp hour batteries are self-warming.
Try charging a standard lithium power pack in cold weather. Not a chance.
Our advanced lithium iron phosphate battery self-heats to achieve the right temperature, quickly become chargeable. This is a great benefit to keep them charged
during the winter months.
And the state-of-the-art battery cells ensure an extended cycle life and exceptional discharge performance so that you get the maximum power out of them.

Renogy 3000-Watt Smart Power Inverter/Charger

This smart polar inverter/charger lets you charge your batteries and, AT THE SAME TIME, send power to your RV.  Think of it as driving your vehicle and using gas while fueling up at the same time!
Some inverters only transfer all available power from the solar panels into charging the lithium batteries.  At times, though, it’s good to be able to control that power for dual use. Charge your batteries AND power your RV.
BOTH at the same time. Think of it as gassing up your car while driving!  
And the Inverter/Charger’s pure sine wave inverter technology also delivers clean power that is necessary for many sensitive electronic devices.

Renogy ONE Core Remote Energy Monitor and Data Analyzer

Renogy ONE Core provides a complete solution for energy monitoring and analysis, enabling users to monitor and analyze energy data at any time. Thanks to the ONE Connect 2.0 technology, Renogy ONE Core allows energy monitoring both locally through the touchscreen and remotely via Renogy ONE Portal and DC Home app. Additionally, the ONE Core features an RV leveling system for optimal stability.

Renogy 30-Amp Charge Controller

To control the voltage and current coming from the solar panels and going to the batteries, our 30-amp Charge Controller offers premium tracking and conversion efficiency to help you get the most performance from this SoftStart RV Solar Kit.  It includes built-in protections against electronic system problems, and it can even self-diagnose in the event of an error.

SoftStartRV™ A/C-Heat Pump Soft Starter

By reducing the power needed to start any rooftop A/C-heat pump unit by up to 70%, the addition of our SoftStartRV soft starter makes our RV Solar Kit the ONLY solar kit that allows you to stay comfortably cool or warm wherever you are!   
This kit also includes all wires, connectors, fasteners, ties and a FREE wire crimping tool to make installation fast and complete.

Real U.S.A. Based Tech Support Team.

Our team of seasoned professionals can help you with Tech Support, Installation Help, Troubleshooting, getting Wiring Diagrams for your specific RV A/C model, filling out Warranty information, or reviewing FAQs about our soft start products. 

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